Monday, November 10, 2008

5th Annual Skull Show

The 5th Annual "Top of The Dome" exhibition attracted so many clients as usual. The gallery is packed and usually about twenty to thirty people are congregating on the street, perhaps for smoking. What it began with around thirty artists in Alhambra has expanded to nearly one hundred and growing each year. Gregg's basic, white porcelain skulls emerge as 'Fish Head', 'Bonsai', 'Crow Head' exhibiting artists' imagination have no limit. Come and see interesting designs!

CREWEST GALLERY 110 Winston St. L.A. CA. 90013 (213)627-8272 For details, click on calendar link on the right of this blog. Hiroko

1 comment:

msedano said...

dagnabit, another skull opening i miss. one day, maybe just maybe, the opening will take place on a day i remember, and in the afternoon. who knows? oh well, it's always a pleasure to show up in the early p.m. and have the gallery all to myself.

looks to be the best yet!