Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Great Wall of Chinga

Curator for Mexico: Israel Ortega Castro
Curators for US: Barbara Thompson
Gregg Stone
Mexican Artists: Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez
Eduardo Kintero
Eduardo Zowie Bermudez
Fernando Corona
Fernando Garcia Revas
Ismael Castro
Israel Carrillo Madrid
Juan Francisco Quitero
Luis Alberto Curiel
Marina Alanis
Omar Escobedo
Pablo Castaneda
Ramon Carrillo
Rogelio Perez Cano
Victor Larios
Chicano Artists: Armando Peralta
David Flury
David Rosales
Guillermo Bejarano
Man One
Mario Trillo
Patrick Martinez
Sergio Hernandez
Sergio Selgado
Sonya Fe
Ricardo Duffy
Richardo Islas

The Great Wall of Chinga

This exhibit hopes to compare the similarity or distinction of Mexican and Chicano Artistas sharing life experiences yet distinctly juxtaposed in variant political worlds. With certain common bicultural traits as most border towns reflect this social phenomenon. This border phenomenon has existed historically in many cultures and early civilizations.

The border is a ‘Wall of Chinga (a colloquial term of abuse)’ because it has been the cause of much civic consternation. Some of the artificial and superficial elements of this interaction have made some unfortunate and deleterious misunderstandings. Artists by their assessments in their ‘obras’ help give visual articulations to some of those notions and proffered resolutions.

The turmoil and discord is met with diverse responses from the artists herein the gallery. Comparing these social realities make for the artistic responses which are displayed in this exhibition.

There are thirty artists from both countries.

Maguchi (Gilbert ‘MAGU’ Lujan)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'CINCO' at Crewest Gallery in L.A.

Gregg is participating this exhibition.
The opening was great as usual/

Take a look at this site.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished!

We delivered Gregg’s artworks to El Paso Museum of Art and returned home safely.
Gregg will be showing for the following exhibition.

Sister Cities: Testing Boundaries: Art and Artisans Along the U.S. - Mexico Border Contemporary Crossroads
May 20 - August 26, 2007