Sunday, February 14, 2010


Feb 13th was the special opening night for the UGLAR (The Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River) at the PMCA (Pasadena Museum of California Art). I have been there before but have never seen the place this packed! There were a lot of media people and documentary film maker among visitors.

Gregg works are represented in three places; one portrait, Egyptian alphabet on the wall that says "Sorry sight spreads; man-made debris and poison; L.A. River weeps" and birds in a large collaboration work with other artists.

If you missed this gathering, there will be more to come in the course of four months. I will announce the each celebration.

*Oh! Also, you can order the UGLAR book at



"Could you come for the ART WALK NIGHT? I have my own show else where," said MAN ONE, the Crewest Gallery owner. So Gregg and I went to L.A. on the 2nd THURSDAY. We were flabbergasted with the amount of people came. It was a non-stop of a human river!
The doorman with a counter machine told us that over 1,300 people came that night!!

*Harry and another crew member welcomed us with newly designed tee-shirt Gregg designed.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

PRISON INC....Opening night at Crewest!

Despite heavy rain all day, the opening for the "PRISON INC" was well attended and even made sales. New line of tee-shirts "The Queen of Angele's" Gregg designed were on display for sale. They are cool!

Edgar Hoill's installation includes a beautifully etched prison stainless toilet,(must see in person) home made weapons and correspondences with inmates displayed behind a makeshift barbwire fence creating unique ambiance. Gregg will be there, again, for the 2nd Thursday 'Art Walk' night on the February 11th.

Gregg was interviewed by a radio station reporter who came to the show(he didn't get the name) as well as filmed by a N.Y. documentary video producer Tommy Marron.

Now he will go to PASADENA MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA ART to help install the UGLAR show curated by Christopher D. Brand, Evan D. Skrederstu, Steve Martinez, and Matthew Brand.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


THE ULYSSES GUIDE TO THE LOS ANGELES RIVER will be open on the Valentine's Day
(February 14th)at PMCA.

If you want to come to the special opening reception, it will be on Saturday February 13th 7-9PM and admission will be $5.