Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ten-hour-volunteer-hours is one of the requirements for the Laguna Beach Festival of Art participants. Gregg volunteered at the ceramic booth while Hiroko helped a little at the paper hat making booth for the "Children's Art Day"


Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mexican Visitors

Since 2002 Gregg has been exhibiting in Mexico many times mostly at ICBC (Institute de Cultura de Baja California) and IMAC (Institute Municipal Arte y Cultura). Through this connection we have made many friends. Gregg brought Roberto Rosique for one show in Cal Poly Pomona Art Center and Ramón Carrillo last year for trio show at OCCCA. Since it was a great success, Gregg put on another show "The Great Wall of Chinga" which I posted last month.

This time, we invited four Méxican friends from Mexicali for the opening of the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts. Eduardo is an art teacher and Israel works for the ICBC.

Currently Gregg is negotiating a "Day of the Dead" skull show in Méxicali Center for the Arts this fall including Chicano artists from California.