Sunday, September 7, 2008


There will be BOOK RELEASE PARTTIES at several locations commencing this month.
Please take a look at this COOL Web-site and click on location and find out the dates. Join us with this exciting event!!

★The figure image is of Evan who is publishing this BOOK.
Gregg is one of the contributors for this book.



jasonxyouth said...

nice, i'll have to check that out.
i hope you are doing well

jincs151 said...

Good stuff. I'm proud of what they have accomplished. I went to high school w/ Evan. Cool dude. Very skilled artists involved. Big ups to FKS!! lol. peace. Jincs151

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys!

Evan, Chris and Steve are in Japan for a week. My Japanese friends who participated the book signing party said that they are enjoying Japan.