Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Spirit of Mexican Folk Art-A Celebration of Life, Art and HIstory

When Gregg was invited by the Lancaster Museum of Art to participate on this exhibition, he invited several Chicano/Chicana artists as well. The opening reception was held on Saturday, October 27 which included a free lecture and slide presentation by Constance Leshin. The show continues to December 2nd.

Featured Artists And Lenders:

Lucinda Coker
Erin Corbin
Debbie De La Cruz
Jessica Derrick
Constance Leshin
Joanne Benites Maldonado
Robert McMahan
Joel Nakamura
Larissa Nickel
Antonio Pelayo
Ulrica Bell
Ramon Ramirez
Wendy Scalzo
Gregg Stone
Rudy Torres
Edwin Vasquez


Lydia Colon said...

What a great Mexican Folk Art Exhibit!! I was so impressed by the exhibit in Lancaster and Mexico's fine arts as well as popular arts (arte popular}. The skulls were fantastic. Gregg Stones work was just beautiful and so full of life. The paintings and drawings of Ramon Ramirez were so in touch with the past as well as the present indigenous traits of Mexico. I particular enjoyed the original Tehuana dresses and clothing but most importantly the orginal vintage Dolls of Mexico donated by Wendy Scalzo. What a pleasant surprise ! I have never seen any of these dolls before at any show. I didnt realize that we had such gorgeous representives of our countries 20th.c clothing and dolls that are certainly rivals of even the finest costume dolls in the world. Great show..thanks for the invite. I cant wait for Wendy Scalzo's book on these dolls too.I hope to see more of these types of show in our area. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Sarah Nicole said...

Looks like it was a great exhibiton. Thank you for sharing the pictures.