Sunday, June 3, 2007

"Great Wall of Chinga" Show Smashing Success!!

“There is a great article on LA Times about your show.” One of Gregg’s artist friends Mike Maas e-mailed us. I went to buy the paper and sure enough there was a powerful essay recognizing Gregg’s effort to bring two countries together through art rather than to divide by the wall.

‘The Great Wall of Chinga’ show was a smashing success! Nearly thousand people came to see, thanks to the LA TIMES and other magazine’s articles. An owner of ‘Juxtapose (prominent art magazine)’ came and took many photos. It was good to be exposed to an art connoisseur of his caliber.

Artists from Mexican side were absolutely flabbergasted to see so many people came to see the show and were very grateful to be invited. I saw many friendly exchanges between Mexico/US artists and I foresee that there will be more joint art exhibitions in the future. I am happy to say that Gregg constructed a friendly bridge between the two countries. However small it may seem, the friendship tree may bloom and multiply some day.


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